Case study: John Williams Heating Services Ltd

John Williams Heating Services are our chosen case study this month. We have been supporting them for over 2 years now and put many improvements into their system to enable them to work more efficiently and reduce the risk of downtime.

Managed IT support

John Williams Heating Services were using a BT Connect email address and a POP3 email account to collect it. This provided a number of issues:

• The email address didn’t look professional
• Emails were not getting backed up
• Their emails were not synchronised so nobody knew which emails had been dealt with
• When there was a problem they had to call BT which meant being on hold for a very long time

They were also using a single PC to share documents across their network. With different types of machines and operating systems on the network, this proved problematic and connectivity would often drop out leaving them frustrated and not being able to access their data.

The antivirus John Williams used had different licences, this meant that different machines would run out at different times and was difficult to manage.

We bought them a company domain name of and advised them to upgrade their website. We then moved their email onto our Hosted Exchange platform and made sure they were all using Microsoft Outlook. John Williams Heating Services really adapted to the new system very well, as they use one email address for all the admin/office functions. They came up with their own system of flagging emails that had been dealt with and prioritising emails, and because everything was in sync they could see what had been dealt with.

Sharing documents was an easy solution to fix. We simply installed Dropbox for them and moved all documents from the one PC into Dropbox. This resolved the problem of accessing data as Dropbox uses the internet to synchronise data across all the PC’s.

With their antivirus we moved them onto Eset Endpoint Antivirus. This is centrally managed by us and needs only 1 licence for all machines. It’s now much easier to keep track of when it expires and renewing every year is just a simple click of a button.

“We are extremely pleased with the support we receive from the team and also their quick response times when things occasionally go wrong. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Mintivo for peace of mind”
John Williams Heating Services

John Williams Heating Services have provided exceptional heating and boiler services for over 25 years and are well known as domestic, landlord and letting agency heating and plumbing specialists.

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