Cloud Solutions

Access files from anywhere in the world

Cloud Solutions…

– Highly scalable

– On-demand Infrastructure

– OPEX pricing to control budgeting

– Highly available & globally redundant

– Work from anywhere

– Updates & Patches covered for you

– Highly secure

– Instantly create Test environments

– SaaS, PaaS and IaaS options



Why Cloud?

The cloud provides you with the infrastructure or applications you need when you need it.

Need more performance or additional servers? instantly scale up or create new. Need a full test environment for just 48 hours? done! and you only pay for the time it was being used.

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Scalable & Flexible

Moving workloads to the cloud provides you with near unlimited resources which are instantly scalable (down as well as up). If your workloads peak and trough through the year the benefits of cloud are huge.


Secure & Reliable

Managing servers, SANs and switches on-premises can be costly, time-consuming and inefficient. Our cloud solutions take away the worry of cooling, power provision and networking ensuring your data and applications are always available and secure.

Cloud solutions

Cost Savings

Replacing hardware on-premises is extremely costly, moving workloads to SaaS, PaaS or IaaS options can provide huge cost savings as well as moving to an OPEX cost model easing budgets and allowing for predictable spend.


Uptime & Disaster Recovery

Our cloud service offering uptime is hard to beat. If you are still unsure about running live workloads in a cloud environment then using a cloud DR solution may be for you. Forget about tapes and enjoy impressive RTO and RPO figures with servers and services able to run on-demand from a cloud environment in the event of a disaster.

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