Disaster Recovery

Reduce the risk to your business

Are you thinking about Disaster Recovery?

– Machines & Hardware Fail

– Humans Make Mistakes

– Nature Is Unpredictable

– 365 Days A Year Availability

– When was the last time you tested your plan?


Fast, reliable IT Infrastructure… Solid foundations for business growth

Having backups is great but a tested disaster recovery strategy is essential to ensure your business can recover from the unforseen. Don’t risk it.


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Disaster Recovery strategy

Whether it is a fire, a flood or a ‘man-made’ disaster you CAN mitigate the risks by having a well-planned disaster recovery strategy, supported by a professional disaster recovery company, who will ensure that your business is equipped with the most appropriate technologies and skills to enable a rapid return to ‘business as usual’


Why Mintivo?

That’s what Mintivo have been successfully doing for over 15 years. We delivery IT disaster recovery and businesses continuity when unforeseen disruptions bring organisations to a standstill.

Disaster recovery

Testing, testing, testing

So, you have a Disaster Recovery Plan, that’s a great start, but do you KNOW your DR plan will work? When was your plan last updated and tested? Have you taken into account the new applications and services your organisation has recently acquired? Have you considered the new technologies that can make it easier to recover from a disaster?


Experienced Engineers

Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised, is the motto Mintivo engineers live by. They have thousands of hours of experience recovering IT systems from all types of media and using a wide variety of technologies. They work on a daily basis with our customers to help them test and refine their IT Disaster Recovery plans. So that when the worst happens they can be confident their plan will work and their business will suffer minimal disruption.

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