Managed IT Support

Relax with our fully bespoke managed IT support

Managed IT Support services…

– Infrastructure hardware design, configuration & management

– Automatic monitoring of critical services

– Automatic ticket logging and resolution

– Desktop hardware design, configuration & management

– Backup hardware design, management and documentation

– Provision of support for infrastructure & desktops

– Technical Road-mapping

– Service Reviews

– Procurement

– 3rd party vendor management/liaison

About Mintivo and Our Support Services

We have a wealth of experience in the design, implementation, management and support of infrastructure projects that touch every aspect of business-critical computing; servers and storage, networking and connectivity, security and software solutions.


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Partnerships and Solutions

Every client has unique requirements, therefore the likelihood of one vendor’s products being able to meet them all is remote. Mintivo are truly independent and we seek to ensure that unique problems are met with unique solutions.



Our state-of-the-art Service Desk provides clients with access to first class support facilities. Mintivo have adopted the ITIL service management framework into our business, providing a consistent approach to delivery of service, and providing our clients with industry recognised standards.

Mintivo support services are underpinned by a comprehensive SLA, and we review our performance against this with each client on a regular basis.

Managed IT Support

Software Support

Our engineers are trained and have experience in a significant number of bespoke and supported software platforms, e.g. Sage. However, the specific nature of these applications are typically covered under support agreements from the software vendors and therefore Mintivo provide general IT software support and provide a ‘best endeavours’ approach using our engineers’ knowledge and experience.


Service Reviews

Mintivo provide a comprehensive suite of reporting and review services.

Service management meetings are scheduled every 3 months. Every client benefits from an Account Manager who can be contacted to discuss any aspect of service delivery.

Monthly statistics on service delivery are provided at every service review meeting, covering:

  • Critical alerts received
  • Backup status
  • Service improvement recommendations
  • Number of hierarchical escalations
  • Recommended future improvements to infrastructure
  • Type and number of incidents per site, department and user
  • Identification of reoccurring incidents

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