Flexible, reliable and affordable phone services


– Unlimited telephone numbers (all area codes)

– Call transfer, pickup and parking

– Voicemail with email alert

– Music on hold

– Free calls between extensions

– Save money on line rentals and call costs

– Remote working

Save Money

VoIP calls are significantly less expensive than traditional landlines and there is no cost for internal phone calls. VoIP systems also mean the investment in servers and other hardware is the responsibility of your hosting company, utilise your existing internet connection and reduce your phone bill!


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Easy to manage

VoIP phones are very easy to install and manage. There is no need for extra cabling or wiring work to be done, you simply plug the phone into an internet connection and you’re off! VoIP software makes it easy and inexpensive to add new users, and a convenient web portal makes it easy to move, add, or change the system’s configuration.

Take advantage of non-geographic numbers and log in to your phone anywhere in the world, make calls from your number anywhere with an internet connection. Redirect numbers at the click of a button to other VoIP devices, landlines or mobile phones.


Stacked full of features

All the features you would expect to have with a traditional system are available with a VoIP system. Features such as call groups, hunt groups, voicemail, auto-attendant phone menus, call transfer, music-on-hold and many many more are standard.


Integration with other applications

VoIP can be integrated with other applications such as email, web browsers, social media and instant messenger. Typical examples would be click-to-call on websites or CRM’s, voice call button on an email and voicemail delivery to your inbox.

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